Updated COVID-19 Local Volunteer & Resource List

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List of Local Support links, volunteer Information & Misc  resources. -

Please email or text me if you want me to add something. I am sharing with as many people as I can. jackyfoster@comcast.net – 978-580-5581

AB United Way

  https://www.abuw.org/index.php/en/  Acton Box United Way – Plenty of Volunteer Opportunities Go to Website.



General Info if someone asks

Bolton Community Fund

https://boltoncommunityfund.org/faqs/  CONTACT Mary Garcia for update needs ( Presently a local is Family looking for Help) Mary Garcia leapforward@aol.com  978-337-3571

Acton Food Pantry

https://www.actonfoodpantry.org/  Distribute Wednesday 10-7 & Thursday  9:30-11:30 DONATE or VOLUNTEER or Need Services CALL 978-635-9295

Stow Food Pantry

http://stowfoodpantry.com/   OPEN for 3 Pick -ups a week. DONATE – Stow Food Pantry PO Box 437, Stow MA 01775    VOLUNTEERS & For Services Email or   Call  978-897-4230 / stowfoodp@gmail.com

Sudbury food pantry

http://sudburyfoodpantry.org/covid-19-response-plan-english/    OPEN T/TH 12-2:15  VOLUNTEERS - Call Mary Novak @ 978-443-8565

Open Table

https://www.opentable.org/covid-19/   - Doing Drive Thru Pantry’s on Tues 1-6:30 & Thursday 3-6:30PM @ Maynard Municipal Parking lot ( Main St by Fine Arts Theater)  – Check website or call 978-369-2275

https://householdgoods.org/   CLOSED thru May 4th

Warm hearts

https://warmheartsofstow.com/  NO VOLUNTEER Opportunities. Need Easter Gift cards. Go Site for info$$

Clear Path for Vets

https://www.clearpathne.org/  They are providing Boxed Meals at Devens. Info at.


 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Sign Up at https://clearpathnewengland.formstack.com/forms/empowerment_volunteer

 Habitat For Humanity - North Central

https://ncmhabitat.org/   - Carolyn Read is our contact person for VOLUNTEER NEEDS . Nothing urgent right now. Carolyn Roy Read  at office@ncmhabitat.org or (978) 348-2749 – She will Update Us ASAP

 Healing Garden

https://healinggardensupport.org/    - CLOSED right now but they have a Wish list for donations .  Go to the website and email Kelly as instructed  Kelly@healinggardensupport.org

 Red Cross – blood Bank

 https://www.redcross.org/give-blood   - Most were booked out a few weeks so check back often.

 Loaves & Fishes  -       https://loavesfishespantry.org/ - in Devens Temporarily CLOSED as of April 3rd- check website for updates - contact info if you  need services - clientservices@loavesfishespantry.org

 Domestic Abuse      https://www.thehotline.org/help/   1-800-787-3224

 Make masks for neighbors

  Email Ann Marie for instructions and more info .   kahershberger@comcast.net.

 FEED THE HUNGRY - Make & Deliver Meals to Shelters in Worcester – Initiative of 1st Parish Bolton

NEED 1 -   Provide Meal Assistance To Worcester Shelters -  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0f4faba823a1f58-shelter

NEED 2 -  Assemble & Deliver Easter Baskets for WHEAT Recipients. – Email Kathy for info  kathrynromeo@yahoo.com

NEED 3 – Deliver Meals to Elderly in Clinton & Lancaster  - https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e044bada928a0ff2-wheat

 VOLUNTEER To Provide Fresh Fruits & Veggies


Support Nurses & Other Medical Staff – Folks are actively collecting snacks and other packaged goodies for the nurses and other responders to give them nourishment as they perform their duties. If you want to Donate Contact me to arrange for a pick -up/drop off.  jackyfoster@comcast.net 0r 978-580-5581.            P.S. May 6th is National Nurses Day

 Stow Council on Aging contacts
Lead: Alyson Toole: coa@stow-ma.gov

Outreach Coordinator: Martha Shea  coa2@stow-ma.gov

Stow COA: (978) 897-1880

Lancaster COA & Community Center
 Lead: Alexandra Turner


  Bolton Council on Aging contacts

Lead: Heather Goodsell <


 Other: Lisa D’Eon - Outreach Coordinator

Office: 978-779-3314